BetterBrave provides thorough guides to identify and deal with sexual harassment, including information on reporting it to HR and seeking legal counsel. We’ve used a lot of their information in internal training:

The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund, which is housed at and administered by the National Women’s Law Center, connects those who experience sexual misconduct including assault, harassment, abuse and related retaliation in the workplace or in trying to advance their careers with legal and public relations assistance:

Resources for victims, coworkers, employers and advocates.  Also includes 10 ten things to do for victims, employers, unions and men:

Staying safe when you say #metoo (a guide to digital privacy):

What To Do resources from Timesup Legal team:

Resources for men who are sexually harassed or assaulted:

OSHA Whistleblower Programs including how to file a claim if you’ve been retaliated against:

Pay gap and pay equity issues, including lessons and events on negotiating:

Why traditional harassment training doesn’t work, but bystander intervention training does: