Toxic culture is bad for business.

But safe workplaces empower people to innovate and grow.

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What we believe

At HRuprise, we understand that:

  1. Employees are adults. They don’t need a policy or a handbook to tell them how to act at work. Bad behavior is bad behavior, and we all know it when we see it. At HRuprise we teach allyship tactics that empower witnesses to stop harassment in its tracks, by putting accountability for bad behavior back where it belongs - on the harasser.

  2. Employees should be able to bring their best selves to work. But they can’t do that if they feel undervalued, overlooked or unsafe. We can help you determine the underlying causes of your team’s low productivity or high turnover, and help transform your workplace culture from the inside out.

  3. Harassment happens everywhere. Even the best companies have harassment issues, and the vast majority of incidents go unreported. If you’re smelling smoke, we can help you find the fire, put it out, and prevent it from starting again.

  4. Harassment is never the action of just one person. We can help you break down the systemic issues that allowed it to happen in the first place. 

  5. Nothing is sacred. Get ready to question everything. We’ll help you change old habits, let go of obsolete procedures, and free yourself from the bureaucratic practices that are dragging you down. 

When you protect your employees, you protect the company. It takes time, money and emotional energy to transform your company culture into one that’s safe for everybody. But it’s the best long-term investment you can make in your organization. We can help you ensure that your transformation succeeds for years to come.

Does this strike a chord with your own struggles in your workplace? If so, we’d love to discuss your specific challenges and see how we might be able to help.

Where HRuprise began

I’m not your typical HR leader.

For the past 20 years I’ve worked at the higher levels of HR leadership for Fortune 50 companies and quirky startups.

I love my work enough to tell the truth about it, even when it hurts. And I’ve spearheaded some highly unconventional initiatives to disrupt it from within.

But it wasn’t until #MeToo went viral that I recognized the ways I myself had experienced and participated in a culture of harassment that had held me back professionally, and made me miserable in a field I loved.

I too have experienced how it feels to leave a great job without another job lined up, because you just can’t take the toxic culture any longer.

If we can’t create safe spaces for our employees, we don’t have the right to talk about anything else. 

This is why I launched HRuprise. I’m here to shed light on the ways traditional HR is part of the problem, and provide an alternative approach to company culture that will transform your workplace into one in which all employees can realize their full potential.

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