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You need HR that works for you.

You need HR that works for you.


The HRuprise Platform matches employees with an independent HR coach who can provide candid, expert advice on any workplace challenge. From support with harassment to interview prep, get confidential advice from someone who’s seen it all.

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Traditional HR is designed to protect the company, not the employee.

Look, there are a lot of really good HR people out there. (And yes, some not-so-good ones.) But this isn’t about that. The reality is, HR’s primary obligation is to mitigate risk for the company, not necessarily to protect the employee.

Employees deserve someone in their corner, who can advise them without any conflict of interest. You need an independent, unbiased resource who can give you the insider’s view of how companies work, and what that means for you.

HRuprise is doing things differently.

By working directly with employees, HRuprise coaches can provide specialized insights and customized advice. Topics include:

  • Dealing with harassment

  • Conflicts with boss or coworkers

  • Job transitions

  • Interview coaching

  • Salary and benefits negotiation

  • Understanding what constitutes harassment

  • What to do as a harassment witness


Your HRuprise membership includes:

  • Your own dedicated HR coach

  • A 1-hour initial consultation

  • Two 30-minute video sessions per month

  • Unlimited messaging with your coach, on your schedule

  • Unlimited access to the growing HRuprise community & library of resources

HR coaches at the top of their game.

Founder Rebecca Weaver heads the coaching division of HRuprise, bringing 20 years’ experience in high-level corporate and startup HR management to bear in employees’ day to day workplace challenges.

Meet Rebecca →



Employees join HRuprise for a variety of workplace dilemmas.


“I’ve recently become pregnant. At what point should I tell my employer?”

“I want to enter a new industry. How do I present my experience in the best light?”

“My coworker is being harassed by our boss. Can I report it without identifying him?”

“I left my last job because of a toxic work environment. How should I explain this in a job interview?

“A top client frequently comments on my looks. He’s making me uncomfortable. What should I do?”


You don’t have to go it alone.

Let’s chat and find out how HRuprise can support you in your career journey.