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Who we are

Everything changed when #metoo went viral and we have all watched old systems of power crumble. And yet, as the collective consciousness has been raised around us, there is still a reckoning that needs to occur within companies, and especially within HR.

What began as a simple idea, quickly grew in to a global social movement. And now, we want to change how companies work. We want to bring your most important internal practices into the modern era. We want to change the way companies respond to employee complaints, and most importantly, we want to prevent harassment from happening in the first place. Our employees deserve better.


What we believe

Companies love to talk about employee engagement and perks like free food, beer and ping-pong tables, but we know for sure company culture is not about perks. Your company’s culture is how you make decisions.

The reality is, if we can’t provide safe spaces for our employees, we don’t have the right to talk about anything else. Too many people are being left out of the most important conversations and we have to serve the most basic of needs first.

It’s time to start telling the truth. The whole truth. And it’s time for meaningful change.


What we do

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Organizations need a new approach to sexual harassment and we believe that starts with training. Here’s what we know: Traditional harassment training is, at best, ineffective and at worst, can cause more harm than good. We train employees, HR departments, and leadership teams on the better ways to handle sexual harassment, based on modern practices that actually have an impact.

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We hear it over and over again, leaders recognize the significance of the #metoo movement but don’t know what to do or where to start. We are here to help. We complete onsite assessments and provide personalized recommendations. We’ll tell you what your greatest risks are and what to do about them.

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We host in-person workshops for HR professionals to help strengthen processes and change misguided prevention methods and responses to sexual harassment in the workplace. Attendees leave our events feeling bolder, with a renewed sense of purpose and direction, and with specific, modern practices to create safer environments for employees.

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