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At HRuprise, we help you build an inclusive, respectful environment, using modern strategies and #metoo-era approaches that put the humanity of your team first.

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You’ve busted your butt to get your company where it is today. And you’ve tried to hire the best people to help you get to where you want to go. 

But harassment can spread in any workplace, and most of the time it’s silent. The biggest threats to your team’s cohesion and success are completely invisible.

You might not hear about it directly. Instead, what you might see are unhappy employees, high turnover, low productivity, or a team that doesn’t have the ownership mentality that you do.

You want to transform your company culture, but the tactics you’ve already tried aren’t working. This is why you got in to business in the first place - to do things your own way. You’re looking for a new approach.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca Weaver.

I’m an innovator working at the cutting edge of company culture.

In my years as an HR leader in Fortune 50 companies, I’ve seen how the “conventional wisdom” of HR often serves to gaslight and silence the greatest source of a company’s potential: its people.

Yet I’ve also lived the far side of org design, and have brought back hard-earned lessons about new concepts that actually work.

I founded HRuprise to equip leaders and employees with modern tactics and tools to end harassment in the workplace.

Together we can develop an inclusive, respectful company culture where all employees can thrive.

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Our Services


As a leader you recognize the threat of harassment, but you need help strategizing your culture shift. We’ll do an onsite assessment, help you find your greatest risks, and provide personalized recommendations.

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Whether at conferences, industry events, company functions or podcasts, we speak candidly about the problems with traditional HR, and provide practical steps and success stories for a revolutionary new approach.

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Studies show that traditional harassment training doesn’t help, and can actually make things worse. We’ll train your team in better ways to handle and prevent harassment, based on modern methods that actually work.

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