Create a thriving, supportive, harassment-free workplace, where everyone can bring their best selves.



Our approach to harassment training is refreshingly frank and totally transparent. With our Ally Training, we empower your team to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of harassment when it’s not overt

  • Interrupt and redirect bad behavior long before it crosses the line

  • Build lasting camaraderie and a meaningful sense of safety in having each others’ backs



You’re part of a courageous, forward-thinking company that is ready to transform its HR practices. You just need some guidance from someone who has tried it all.

We can help. We’ll come into your workplace and:

  • Diagnose your pain points

  • Identify your risk factors

  • Provide customized recommendations for what to do about them


Harassment Incident Support

You’ve been rocked by allegations of harassment on your team or in your company. Now you’re facing a problem that won’t go away without deliberate intervention.

You’re not alone. We can provide:

  • Support and coaching during the incident

  • Resources for those involved

  • Recommendations for how to rebuild a safe environment

How it works


Tell us your needs

Your HRuprise journey starts with a 1-hour consultation to go in-depth with your unique challenges, and discuss how we might be able to help.


Get a proposal

We’ll propose a custom package that suits your company’s size, short-term needs and long-term goals.


Join the uprise

Together we’ll transform your company culture into one of transparency, trust, and shared vision that will go the distance.


Still on the fence? Here’s why you should work with us:

Culture. Cultivating transparency and inclusivity creates a culture of respect and trust.

Productivity. Employees who feel respected and safe will bring their best selves to work.

Retention. When they can communicate their concerns and grow in their jobs, employees will stay with you longer.

Liability. When you prevent issues from snowballing, you will save thousands in the long run.