Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable, HR.

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I have a lot to say about how to change HR, and how to build company cultures that work for the whole team.

I am a frequent keynote speaker at industry events and conferences, and am available for company-wides and podcasts as well.

Topics I love to cover include:

  • Why traditional harassment training makes things worse, and what to do instead.

  • How companies can respond supportively and unequivocally to the #metoo movement.

  • Radical changes you can make to free HR from its traditional (dull, irrelevant, company-protecting) role, and empower it to make a meaningful difference to your organization.

Audience members will walk away inspired, empowered with specific actions, and renewed in their sense of their own capacity to effect change.

My past speaking engagements include:

4As Talent@2030

My HRuprise co-founder Nickolett Hocking and I discuss how we realized that our personal experiences of harassment and toxic workplace culture weren’t isolated incidents, but the results of systemic dysfunction in HR. This massive “aha” moment led us to found HRuprise.

Are we lying to employees without even realizing it? In this podcast episode, I discuss Netflix’s email announcement following the firing of one of their top execs, and debate the legal issues of being more fully transparent with employees.

This podcast was a deep dive into a more personal side of HR. This conversation with Lisa Tuset and Jen Conkey includes some true moments of female solidarity, and serves as a reminder that many women have their own stories that frequently go untold.

How can we be more bold in our daily lives? In this conversation with Spencer Jacobson, I talk about the conversations that really need to happen within HR, and how to get started.


Some of the organizations I’ve been honored to work with: