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You’re probably lying to your employees without even thinking twice

“Effective immediately, John Smith has resigned to pursue other opportunities.”

No doubt your organization has its own version of this email.  (Fun fact, at a previous employer we called it the POO message for someone who was said to be "Pursuing Other Opportunities.")  In fact, if you work in HR, odds are pretty good that you've sent this email yourself more than once.  It’s typically sent when your company doesn’t really want to get in to the details as to why someone is no longer with the company.  There are lots of reasons that people leave the company and you’d rather not go in to it, but the most important is when you've finally fired someone for harassment. 

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We should make it easier to talk about hard things

One of our most important roles is to make it easier for people to talk about hard things.  A few weeks ago, we learned of the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain.  I reflected back on my own experience with depression and took the opportunity to talk about it with our team. My theory was, if by telling my own story (which would have terrified me in the past) I could make it a bit easier for someone else to talk about their struggles if necessary.  I shared the letter internally, but also with some friends who also work in HR.  I had a few ask if they could "borrow" the language from my letter to send to their own teams. In the spirit of being open-source, I'm sharing it here with you as well.  Feel free to borrow and modify for your own use.

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There's no such thing as "leaving it at home"

HR and leaders: It is impossible to separate “work” and “life”. As Rachel Maddow showed earlier this week, it can sneak up on you too.  

These are unprecedented times we live in and it’s unrealistic and harmful to expect us as humans not to be impacted by what is going on around us. HR, it’s on us to create safe spaces for our employees to process what’s happening. I've had multiple conversations this week with employees, friends and family.  The common thread is that people feel helpless, numb and completely distracted.  This is not about politics.  But this is about understanding what impacts 

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