ICE raids followed a massive sexual harassment settlement at Koch Foods plant in Mississippi

Well, this disgusting story gets even worse:

It appears that it have been no accident at all that this particular Koch Foods plant in Morton, MS was the one raided by ICE on Wednesday. Last year, Koch Foods settled a $3.75M lawsuit for racial discrimination, national origin discrimination, and sexual harassment against its Latinx workers at this very same facility.

From this story from Think Progress: According to the EEOC, supervisors “touched and/or made sexually suggestive comments to female Hispanic employees, hit Hispanic employees, and charged many of them money for normal everyday work activities.” Many workers were reportedly either discharged or subjected to other forms of retaliation when they complained.

In at least two other plants last year, ICE raids have followed complaints of worker conditions. And of course, these raids will further discourage employees from reporting abuse and unsafe conditions. Companies like Koch Foods can rely on the fear of raids to help them exploit migrant workers who are already in an incredibly vulnerable position. There aren't enough words for how despicable this is. The consistent, repetitive and systematic exploitation of the most vulnerable in our society is evil.

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Rebecca Weaver