"Politics Is Changing; Why Aren't the Pundits Who Cover It? The Donny Deutsch problem in media."

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The face of politics is changing, so why are we still subject to analysis from the same mediocre white men? (Men who, by the way, frequently have a history of incredibly sexist remarks and demonstrate a cluelessness about race.) This is an excellent read by the brilliant Rebecca Traister.

So many parallels to what we see in the workplace today. The workforce is changing. Rapidly. So why are so many industries still being led by people who do not represent, let alone understand, the people they are supposed to serve?

From the article: "Biden, like many of the most prominent men covering him, was born into a world in which every system was set up to help him build and preserve his own power, even — in fact by definition — at the expense of others. These guys are on some level unprepared for a universe in which others, people whose childhoods were shaped by the busing policies they were creating, might one day stand up and challenge them."

Read the Article: Politics Is Changing: Why Aren't the Pundits Who Cover It? via The Cut

Rebecca Weaver