Serena Williams and Billie Jean King

“The day I stop fighting for equality and for people that look like you and me will be the day I’m in my grave,” - Serena Williams

From Phoebe Robinson’s Instagram @dopequeenpheebs

“Y’all, I’ve watched tennis all my life and have seen the legendary Billie Jean King have equality be the foundation of her celebrity, but when @serenawilliams, who is one of the greatest tennis player of all time, fights for equality, Billie Jean’s tired behind is out here in these streets basically telling her to shut up and play ball aka stop fighting for equality and focus on tennis. Cool, cool, cool. Let’s drag a black woman for doing the same shit a white woman has done and is lauded for. This is hot trash. Last I checked, Billie won 12 singles titles and Serena won 23, including one while she was pregnant, but sure, Serena is not giving enough to the game. Ya know, just say you don’t like Serena. Say that you don’t like that she is not begging for approval. Say that you don’t like that she’s not tiny and lithe and blonde like most of the mediocre women she has beat time and time again throughout her career. Say that you don’t like that a black woman is out here dominating a sport that the elitist and wealthy assumed would on be for white people only to participate in. Say that you hate that she stands up for herself (like when she boycotted Indian Wells for 14 years after audience members yelled racist slurs). Say that because she is a black woman, you are going to hold her to unrealistic standards and be hypocritical when she gets into it with the umpires when Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal (who even had one umpire banned from ever calling his matches again), John McEnroe, etc do the same shit and it’s either a) described as passion or b) builds the fame in the case of McEnroe. Say that you hate that she’s not a “respectable” black person in your eyes, who is going to turn the other cheek when y’all’s hatred is disguised as measured objectivity. And most of all, you hate that she does not give one crispy damn about your eyes or respectability. So choke on the jealousy, the petty, and your inability to mind your business, and your inferiority that you cannot be in the presence of greatest without behaving like a petulant child. No, Serena’s not perfect. No one is. And yet we gain & love. So let Serena live. #YQY #SerenaWilliams #Eff”

Rebecca Weaver