"Teach girls to prioritize feeling safe over being nice."

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This advice goes for women in the workplace as well. How often do women place an emphasis and priority on being nice over their own safety? It is this very societal norm that keeps women quiet about harassment and it keeps people from reporting misconduct that they witness.

Safety over nice. Courage over comfort.

From Glennon Doyle Instagram:

Girls are trained to prioritize others’ comfort over our own safety. We are conditioned to honor politeness over our own instincts. We want to be accommodating even more than we want to be safe, or comfortable, or happy, or freaking alive.⠀

Do you know where most women die from choking? In the bathroom. We start to choke, then we leave the table so as not to disturb anyone. Then we die, alone, so that we don’t disturb the dining folks...⠀
I teach my children to honor their emotional and physical responses to people, places and ideas.⠀
When they have to choose between abandoning their own instincts or abandoning some cultural idea of female politeness - I teach them to abandon politeness. ⠀

The other day, we were at a store and Amma got very quiet, I noticed a shift in her being. ..She said: mama, I don’t like that man’s energy.

Let’s go, I said.

All of this goes for boys, too. And all those between gender and beyond gender.

Rock the boat.

Choose safe, choose happy, choose comfortable, choose alive.

Love. G

Thank you for this meme @peacefulmindpeacefullife

Rebecca Weaver