"It 'makes you feel invisible'"

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Did you see this recent article about people not being able to tell their co-workers of color apart? This is about so much more than micro-aggressions and simply getting someone confused with someone else in the workplace. It’s about what it represents and how it leaves your employees feeling. Invisible. ⁣
⁣. . . ⁣
⁣From the article: “While #RepresentationMatters has become a cultural force in demanding visibility for people of color in film and television in recent years, generations of Americans have grown up watching mostly white faces on screen and in speaking roles where they are given more depth and humanity. As a minority in America, you’re much more likely to get practice differentiating between white faces due to more exposure.”⁣
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⁣So how about next time? Let’s not laugh it off. How about we all take the time to learn how to correctly pronounce everyone’s name? And don’t get defensive if someone pushes back or points out that you keep getting their name wrong. When you know better, do better.⁣

Read the article: It ‘makes you feel invisible’ via The Washington Post

Rebecca Weaver