"Exclusive Investigation: Sex, Drugs, Misogyny And Sleaze At The HQ of Bumble's Owner"

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An investigative report by Forbes describes a toxic culture at Bumble's parent company and majority owner Badoo, run by Andrey Andreev. What was reported? For starters, internal engineering updates named after porn stars, ketamine-infused after parties and a widely circulated video of one employee receiving oral sex from a prostitute. Andreev is also accused of making racist statements about employees of color and sexist remarks about women.

This whole situation is particularly complicated, because of the reasons Bumble was even created in the first place. Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder, where she was a cofounder, and sued for sexual harassment by another cofounder. She has said that she founded Bumble as a way to flip gender dynamics in dating, giving women the power to make the first move.

A few observations about this whole messy scenario:

  • First, this is another example of just how pervasive harassment in the workplace STILL IS. Yes, some of the "worst bad actors" were ousted in the wake of #metoo, but no one, absolutely NO ONE should think that overt harassment doesn't still happen every damn day.

  • Even people with their own experiences of harassment - like Whitney Wolfe Herd, may still be immersed in toxic cultures because it is everywhere and the power dynamics at play make everything complicated.

  • "I never saw that" or "I've never witnessed it" is a very common but still very problematic response.

  • The way in which companies (like Badoo) and the accused (like Andreev) fight back is so predictable. Attacking the character and motives of women making the allegations is par for the course and is also why such high percentages of issues go completely unreported. We have to flip the script.

  • Even almost two years after #metoo, very little has changed.

So what can be done? More to come soon about what HRuprise is doing about it.

Read the entire article: Exclusive Investigation: Sex, Drugs, Misogyny And Sleaze At The HQ Of Bumble’s Owner via Forbes

Rebecca Weaver