HRuprise Slack updates and hot takes - Aug 26 edition

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HRuprise Slack updates and hot takes - Aug 26 edition

Quite a bit has happened since we last reached your inbox. How have you been??  Let's catch up!

We've had some great conversations happening in our Slack community recently:

  • A thought-provoking piece about how the popular tenant of "assume good intent" undermines diversity and inclusion caused some serious self-reflection and got us talking.

  • A media story was written about the culture of sexism at Riot Games and we applauded what other gaming companies did in response.

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HRuprise Live:

  • We were thrilled with the turnout for our first in-person event: a Townhall meeting with some amazing HR and non-HR professionals. (Let us know if you're interested in hosting an HRuprise event in your town.) The conversations are deep and honest and we left feeling more inspired than ever! Here are some of our favorite quotes of the night:

    • "We create organizational trauma by not allowing people to bring all aspects of their lives to work."

    • "In HR, we are taught to have a poker face in all ways, at all times. I realize now that it's time to put away the poker face."

    • Why don't we believe the one lone voice when someone comes forward? How are we contributing to the problem when we require everything to be corroborated? Is that the right thing to do?"

  • SHRM certification has become a hot topic on social media recently, with many SHRM members threatening to let their certification lapse over Johnny C. Taylor's alignment with the current White House administration. (The hashtag #fixitSHRM is catching on!) We want to hear from you! We'll be hosting a virtual townhall on HR certifications - how meaningful are these major certifications today? What is the impact versus intent of these certifications, and how do they fit in the current HR landscape? Come join us and share your thoughts. Click here to add the event to your calendar.

  • ICYMI: Co-Founder Rebecca Weaver was on the Hostile Work Environment podcast with Marc and Dennis breaking down the "resigned to pursue other opportunities" email from HR and why you should stop doing it.

What we've been in to this week:

  • Tesla's Elon Musk has been dominating the headlines the past few weeks. He recently floated the idea, via twitter, of making Tesla a private company, and kicking off an SEC investigation (and now maybe has changed his mind?). Anyway, the New York Times published an interview with Musk where he expressed the ways in which being overworked has taken a toll on his health, family and social life. The reporter noted Musk choked up several times during their conversation. Following the interview, The Atlantic posed a very interesting question "What if a female CEO acted like Elon Musk?" And we loved this take from The Riveter Founder Amy Nelson called "A Female Founder's Take On The Tears Of Elon Musk."

  • Terry Gross' chats with W. Kamau Bell about the firing of Netflix's communications chief after use of the n-word, Bell's friendship with Anthony Bourdain and his response to men characterizing the #MeToo movement as a witch hunt.

  • Robin DiAngelo discusses implicit biases and the white ego and how both impact workplace diversity training.

  • Rewatching this video that Brené Brown recorded just after Charlottesville and finding it to be more relevant than ever today.


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- Rebecca + Nickolett

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