There's no such thing as "leaving it at home"

HR and leaders: It is impossible to separate “work” and “life”. As Rachel Maddow showed earlier this week, it can sneak up on you too.  

These are unprecedented times we live in and it’s unrealistic and harmful to expect us as humans not to be impacted by what is going on around us. HR, it’s on us to create safe spaces for our employees to process what’s happening. I've had multiple conversations this week with employees, friends and family.  The common thread is that people feel helpless, numb and completely distracted.  This is not about politics.  But this is about understanding what impacts 

So, Dear Leader, here's what you need to understand: There is no such thing as "leaving it at the door."  You no doubt have employees who are: 

  • Immigrants dealing with rhetoric that calls them “insects” and “vile”? Check.

  • People of color dealing with micro-aggressions that add up every hour and wear their defenses down every. damn. day? Check.

  • Parents who can’t help but picture their own children being ripped from their arms and literally can’t think of anything else for days? Check.

After the Baltimore protests, one of our HRuprise members sat in the cafeteria with a sign that said “if you want to discuss, I’m open to it.” People came and sat down and had a conversation. More than anything, they just wanted to talk. It's what I'm finding all week too.  People just want to talk.  So we talk.  And sometimes we cry together.  And then we walk out the door and try to figure out how to solider on.

Because if we are going to be in the business of humans, we have to deal with each person's full humanity. And our collective humanity. 

None of us can look away. It’s on us, HR.  How do we create safe spaces for our teams? If we can’t do this, nothing else matters. 

Rebecca Weaverworkplace, HR